25 things about me you should know



  1. I was born in Colchester on March 25th, 1 week late. I should have been born on St. Patrick’s day and would have been called Patrick.
  2. I have 1 sister, Victoria who is 18 months younger than. She is now a PE Teacher in London. My parents are Rick and Sue.
  3. My parents fostered children and before that my mum was a child minder so I grew up with a house full of children and was changing nappies from an early age and also children with disabilities.
  4. I was sports mad from a very early age but didn’t like to play with anyone else. When my dad took me over to the park to play football I would pick the ball up and put it back in the bag, as I didn’t want anyone else to kick it!
  5. I was constantly in A & E from the age of 9-18 and my short-term memory loss is probably due to the amount of x-rays I have had! I broke my foot falling off a wall no higher than ½ a metre high and landing on a drain. My dad could not stop laughing! I went on to brake the majority of my fingers, hand, ribs and dislocated my shoulder playing football and rugby.
  6. I support Colchester United and Newcastle United Football Clubs. My Dad took me from a young age and I stood on a milk crate so I could see over the wall.
  7. My parents encouraged me to try every sport and I am very thankful they drove me all over the country to compete at numerous levels in Athletics, Football and Rugby.
  8. I dreamed of becoming an Olympian. I represented my county and my personal best in the 100m was 11.2 seconds. A dodgy hamstring dogged me for 3 years and stopped me from getting under the 11 second barrier.
  9. I struggle with spelling and grammar. Never have understood it. It probably does not help I can’t get everything down on paper as quick as ideas come into my head. I know people reading this will find faults reading this.
  10. I had no interest in school apart from PE and was a very shy lanky teenager with bad acne. I did quite well in my GCSE’s gaining A* – C grades.
  11. College was a different matter. I filled out with my sprint training and suddenly found a new confidence. I was predicted an A and 2 B’s but left with nothing like those grades after spending 3 years perfecting my chat up lines!
  12. I had offers from Brunel and De Montford University but declined. I couldn’t see myself doing another 3-4 years of studying after barely turning up for college.
  13. I knew from a young age I wanted to make my own money and was prepared to work hard for it. I had 3 paper rounds at one point and would have taken on more if I could!
  14. My first job was at McDonald’s. I also worked at Marks and Spencer stacking shelves before college.
  15. I did a Diploma whilst working as a lifeguard and qualified as a fitness instructor. It was only meant to be a bit of fun and something to do until I got into the Fire Service.
  16. I met my wife Nicola whilst working as a lifeguard. It took me a year to persuade her go out on a date with me, a further year after that to persuade her to become my girlfriend, a further 2 years after that to persuade her to move in with me, a further 3 years to marry me and a further 2 years to save up for the wedding! We have now been together 11 years!
  17. I applied for the Fire Service and got in first time much to my surprise. After waiting 2 ½ years from the day of applying to my first day of training I lasted 16 weeks. It was completely different to what I had imagined and by this time I had started working in a gym and loved it.
  18. My goal has never been to make millions but to make enough to have a comfortable lifestyle doing the minimal possible. I do not mind hard work but I am naturally quite lazy.
  19. I hate being late for things and it drives me up the wall when people do not turn up on time. I regularly turn up 30 minutes early!
  20. I love traveling to different countries and experiencing different cultures. I am a sun worshipper so will only go to hot countries for a holiday. The idea of skiing and snowboarding appeals but there are still many hot places to visit before I think about cold places!
  21. When I got married we combined our surnames to Steptoe-Thompson.
  22. I am super proud of my business 5 Star Boot Camps. What started out as a bit of fun has turned into a dream with the best staff and members I could wish for. When I meet people or see people achieve things they never thought they could it brings a tear to my eye.
  23. I like a cheeky gamble and currently I am playing the stock markets.I love helping people with their business and seeing them develop.
  24. I have spent tens of thousands of pounds over the years mentoring and coaching with some of the best business men and woman. I have a passion for learning about internet marketing
  25. I wear my heart on my sleeve and what you see is what you get. I do not have a filter on my mouth and often say things on my mind!
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